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Beautiful style combined with low maintenance cast aluminum, far superior to any clay, steel, or mass marketed box store products, Blue Rooster chimineas provide a lifetime of evening fires. 

The Blue Rooster Company has spent over 25 years engineering, designing, and manufacturing outdoor fireplaces. Our goal is to provide a clean burning, long lasting fireplace that can provide generations of use. We introduced the first cast aluminum chimineas to the world over 20 years ago and those first fireplaces are still in use today. When you buy one of our fireplaces you become part of the family. Not just another client of a faceless box store company. We provide support and information beyond just our products.

The Blue Rooster chimineas are made of pure aluminum (A356), with carbon steel parts. If you know how much pure aluminum costs, you will know why our chimineas never end up in a garbage dump. But, if the unexpected happens they are fully recyclable. The way metal prices are going up will probably pay for themselves in a few years.

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. If you are new to chimineas, take a look at our 10 Free Tips page or give us a call with any questions. Below is a listing of our current models.