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About Us

For over 25 years The Blue Rooster Co. has been creating unique outdoor fireplace chimineas. Each design is exclusive to our company. All are engineered, assembled, and packaged at our factory in our home state of Minnesota.

We create products we want to own. The truth is that most products people buy today end up in a garbage dump in a couple years. The reason is manufactures not only want to sell their products, but they also want to sell them over and over again to the same people. We don’t agree with that idea.

The Blue Rooster Company engineers chimineas that will last a lifetime and then some. We refuse to produce disposable outdoor fireplaces. It’s our goal to make the best chimineas available.

Our History

We didn’t always make metal chimineas. We actually sold clay ones for a few years. They kept falling apart when we shipped them. Then a good friend of ours named Kyle taught us our ABC’s. It goes like this, “Anything But Clay”. So we moved on to Cast Iron around 2001.

Things were going great until 2004 when our warehouse manager Patrick decided he didn’t like lifting those heavy cast iron chimineas. So we made the first chiminea out of Cast Aluminum.

Not sure how the aluminum would hold up, we got a big pile of fire wood, a large quantity of adult beverages, and a bunch of buddies to help us light the fire. The fire burned until the wee hours of the morning and that chiminea is still being used today.

Chiminea History

Traditional chiminea history traces back over 400 hundred years, but the design was probably around much longer. The traditional single mouth opening and drafting neck design allows for efficient use of fired wood and low smoke production. They were traditionally used in kitchens of Central and North America. Some claim they were introduced by the Spanish. Regardless, the design is incredibly functional, providing a great source of heat for warmth and cooking.

The Blue Rooster Company is the first company in the world to come out with Cast Aluminum Chimineas. We know this for a fact, because no one has ever shown us one older than the first ones we introduced around 2004. If you can find a cast aluminum chiminea older than our first one, we will give you a free t-shirt.

All About You

We have burned, tried, and tested about every outdoor fireplace on the market. The drafting design of a Blue Rooster chiminea sets us apart from fire pits, burn barrels, and open fires, to create a fire experience like no other. Quality manufacturing of solid cast aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel materials outshines any cost savings of sheet steel, clay, or other “disposable” fireplace products.

Owning a Blue Rooster chiminea will enrich your evenings outdoors, extend your evenings, enhance your outdoor living area, and give you the confidence that you own the cleanest burning, longest lasting outdoor fireplace chiminea available. With a little maintenence Blue Rooster chimineas can last a lifetime and then some.

Our commitment to customer service has earned us trust and respect, as has our guarantee, which assures that we stand behind everything we sell.The Blue Rooster Co. has sold tens of thousands chimineas over the years, and they are still burning strong.