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Cast Iron, the gift that keeps on giving.

Chiminea production materials have evolved over the years, the first chiminea firepits were made of clay. Most clay chimineas have a lifespan that compares to a roll of paper towels. We liked clay chimineas, but after more than a few reports of clay falling apart during a fire, we decided to look for something else. We skipped right past the cheap mass market sheet materials and went directly to cast iron. The cast iron was great for a while, but then it rusted and stained the deck. Also, our employees complained about the weight when moving cast iron chimineas around the warehouse. One guy (Pat) suggested we used aluminum instead. So, over 20 years ago we made the first aluminum chiminea firepit in the world. Aluminum is still our favorite chiminea material.

If you really want cast iron…

Just as the nostalgic decorator would buy a clay chiminea, there are some die hards that have to have a cast iron chiminea. We understand. Clay chimineas are disposable but cast iron chimineas tend to stick around for a long, long, long, long time.

The advantage of cast iron is that cast iron is extremely heavy. This proves to be an advantage for campgrounds, restaurant patios, and a multitude of commercial settings.  We limit our cast iron production to a few models. If there is a certain model you would really like in cast iron let us know. It may take a while but eventually we will make it. So, if it’s not in stock, then we probably don’t have a production date. Feel free to order as many as you want.

For the savvy chiminea home user, the cast aluminum is a much better product. Aluminum is easier to maintain and much easier to move when the wife wants a “patio rearrangement”. Much better, think about it. Seriously, think about it. Currently our Prairie Chiminea in Cast Iron is available. We also offer a multi-item discount for campgrounds, parks, and commercial accounts. Please contact us for information on multi-item purchases.