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Prairie Fire [ALCH027M]

Prairie Fire [ALCH027M]


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The Prairie Fire chiminea fireplace, just like our other outdoor fireplaces, is a Blue Rooster original design. Engineered for efficient drafting to create a hot burning fire, brighter, and cleaner than any fire pit, burn pit, or box store outdoor fireplace.

The Prairie Fire Chiminea handles 14"+ fire logs and has a large mouth opening for full view of the fire. Hinged safety door provides easy access for adding wood and roasting marshmallows. Efficient drafting design also ensures the cleanest burning fire to get the most from your firewood with little ash left over. Efficient burning means much less cleaning than fire bowls or fire pits.

Safe for use on deck or patio. Grilling grate included for outdoor wood cooking. Solid Cast Aluminum body means you never have to worry about rust. Carbon steel assembly parts and solid cast iron burning/grilling grates will not let you down.

The Prairie Fire Chiminea Features:

  • Safe Clean Burning Single Opening Traditional Chiminea
  • Non-Rusting Solid Cast Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Carbon Steel Hinged Mouth Screen, Bolts and Hardware
  • Removable Matching Rain Lid
  • Carry Handles for Easy Arrangement
  • Removable Neck for Grilling
  • Cast Iron Grilling Insert - 9" 1 Piece
  • Cast Iron Bottom Grate to Support Fire - 12" 2 Piece
  • Spark Arrestor Neck Insert
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Specifications:

  • Cast Aluminum ALCH027M 44" x 19"
  • Shipping Weight 58 lbs
  • Screen and Wood Tool Included
  • Touch Up Paint Bottle Included
  • Available Color Charcoal
  • Select Medium Cover For This Chiminea
  • Phone Order Toll Free 1-800-303-4312
  • Hearth Pad recommended for wood decks and patios.
  • Free Shipping on all orders to the Lower 48 States!
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Owner’s Manual
  • A note from the designer: Let's face it. Most products people buy today don't last. The reason is manufacturers want to sell their products, but they also want to sell them repeatedly to the same people. We don't agree with that idea. To back that up we offer a lifetime warranty, with great warranty support if the unexpected happens. We have made cast metal chimineas for over 20 years and most of those chimineas are still being used today.

    A Prairie Fire Chiminea on a Garden Bridge.