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Blue Rooster T-Shirt [Tshirt97]

Blue Rooster T-Shirt [Tshirt97]




The Blue Rooster Company was the first company in the world to come out with Cast Aluminum Chimineas. We know this for a fact, because no one has ever shown us one older than the first one we made many years ago. If you can find a cast aluminum chiminea older than our first one, we will give you a free t-shirt.

We didn't always make metal chimineas. We actually sold clay ones for a few years. They kept falling apart when we shipped them. Then a good friend of ours named Kyle taught us our ABC's. It goes like this "Anything But Clay". So we moved on to Cast Iron. Things were going great until our warehouse manager Patrick decided he didn't like lifting those heavy cast iron chimineas and that we needed a lighter material.

So we made the first chiminea ever out of Cast Aluminum. We weren't sure how the aluminum would hold up so we got a big pile of fire wood, a large quantity of adult beverages, and a bunch of buddies to help us light the fire. The fire burned until the wee hours of the morning and that chiminea is still being used today.

So now after 20 years of playing with fire, lots of marshmallows, and a few beverages. We are proud to present the first Blue Rooster T-Shirt. These thick cotton shirts are really comfy and best of all they make you look sexy! Serious, get one if you don't believe me! Send us a picture of you or anyone in your family wearing one with your new (or old) Blue Rooster chiminea, we will send you a free bag of our Pinion Wood to say Thank You. Please only one free bag per customer, but you can buy as many shirts as you want.