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Why Buy a Blue Rooster Chiminea?

The Blue Rooster Chimineas Burn Better

The Blue Rooster Chimineas are class 1 enclosed burning devices designed for backyard use or on the deck or patio. They can be used in the center of an arrangement, or placed near a fence or railing. They include mouth screen, spark screen, and grilling grate so there are no extras to buy.

When burning a chiminea, the flue or "neck" creates drafting when heated pulling fresh air into the mouth. This drafting effect incinerates the firewood leaving very little embers or ash. The result is a very clean burning, efficient fire, that burns with little or no smoke and has very little clean up or mess left over.

The drafting action helps lighting the fire so you don't have to be the worlds’ best boy scout to light it. As soon as enough heat is generated it will light itself by pulling the fresh air into your flames fanning the fire. Stop adding wood at the end of the evening, the fire goes out, so you don't have to worry about late night flair ups.

The Blue Rooster Chimineas Last Longer

Our cast aluminum chimineas are solid metal with stainless steel hardware. They will last many years or the life of a beer can if treated well. The cast aluminum will not rust, so it cannot stain your deck or patio. There isn't a better material then cast aluminum for an outdoor fireplace. They cost more, but can provide a lifetime of use if taken care of. Box store fireplaces usually fail within 2 years.

The Blue Rooster Chimineas Get Used More Often

It is easy to light a fire, even in moderate wind. Enjoy a glass or two of your favorite beverage, make some s’mores, let the fire burn out, and you’re done. Fire Pits and Open Burning fires don’t work like that.

Is a Blue Rooster Chiminea for you?

If you’re some crazy pyromaniac that wants to reenact Burning Man every weekend, you’re really not our customer. Get a ring of rocks, an old tire rim, or maybe a Koi Pond and start meditating.

Get a Blue Rooster Chiminea if practical design, safety, and smart investing are important to you. Low maintenance, easy to light, great looks, relax in front of a nice fire with no worries, you found your perfect chiminea.

If you want to have some more in depth knowledge of outdoor fireplaces then take a look at the 10 Tips to Buying an Outdoor Fireplace. If you’re ready to check out our chimineas start with the Cast Aluminum Chimineas link below.

Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Chimineas

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