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Customer Comments

I would like to say how impressed I am with your company. You provided excellent service, quick delivery, and a wonderful product. My parents are thrilled with their new Venetian Chiminea. I have been telling everyone about what wonderful experience I had using Thank you.

Rosanne J
West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -Venetian Style

We really like our "Rose" cast aluminum chiminea. It burns so nicely, not to mention completely, typically leaving only powdery ash behind. Living in a residential neighborhood we also see our Blue Rooster outdoor fireplace solution as a very safe one compared with others we see being used by neighbors.

Dale B
St.Peter, Minnesota -Rose Style

I must say I am most impressed by the quality of your product. Really, it far exceeds my expectations, and they were high to begin with. Best Wishes,

John W
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania -Pine Style

We really love the new addition to our deck and are already the envy of our friends! No where around here can you find such a quality product! I know, I had a couple! Anyway, thanks again!

Brenda H
N Royalton, Ohio -Venetian Style

I just wanted to write and tell you that we received our Garden style chiminea and it is absolutely beautiful. We looked at a lot of companies and I am so glad that we chose yours. Thanks again for a wonderful product, we can't wait to show it off to our friends.

Joyce K
Kenosha, Wisconsin -Garden Style

I just wanted to thank you for the 10 Free Outdoor Fireplace Buying Tips. We recently designed a stone seating area alongside our home (where our dog kennel used to be!) and I was concerned about the safety of a fire so close to our home. I was going to buy an open copper firepit, but after reading your 10 tips I was "sold" on your chimineas. Thanks so much for your advice. Your advice about smaller chimineas requiring small logs was something I would never have thought of! I have an indoor fireplace so it will be nice to have a large chiminea that doesn't require me to have "wood-cutting" skills. Thanks again for the advice! Your safety tips were great!

Linda A
Alberta, Canada -Venetian Style

My thanks to you for having an efficient,effective and great company. I appreciate the prompt service and the honesty of your company's representatives. May you continue to prosper, and continue to be an informative, helpful company.


John S
South Plainfield, New Jersey -Gatsby Style

Just wanted to say thanks. We love our chiminea and had great pizza and bratwurst this past weekend.

Sandi D
Cleveland, Ohio -Venetian Style

I have been the sad owner of a clay chimenea and was very happy to see your website. I have found that they make the best roasted marshmallows!

Renae L
Carmel, New York -Grape Style

I just wanted to express how much we like our Garden style Chiminea. Everyone who sees it admires its unique style, and wants to know where we got it from. We direct them all to the Blue Rooster Company! We have used it for two seasons now, and it is in as good a condition as the day we got it. (Other than the color, which has faded to tan from the many, many fires we have had in it).
We are extremely pleased with the quality and design. Thanks again for making such a great and unique product.

John and Lizbeth W
Lafayette, Indiana -Garden Style

Thanks so much - the charcoal Pine chiminea arrived last week in perfect condition, and I used it last weekend. I love it! I'm using four 18x18" pieces of flagstone as a base. The rustic design is stunning, and I'm going to keep it in the living room when not in use! (I use log-cabin decor and oil & candle lighting.)

I found this small chiminea works best with a few small, narrow split firewood pieces plus kindling wood underneath, then it burns clean and hot, no smoke at all. Thanks for your suggestionss, and I've passed along your web address to some other folks.

Laura M
Trumbull, Connecticut -Pine Style

Just writing to let you know I received my pine style chiminea yesterday and I'm delighted. Your photos represented the colors very accurately and the shade of green is just as I expected it to be. The quality feel of the piece as we were putting it together impressed us.
There is NOTHING I can buy locally to even come close to comparing with my gorgeous new cast aluminum chiminea. All I could find was cast iron, and in Florida with our rain & high humidity that would be rust city. Now all that remains is to pick the right spot, prepare it and decorate around it! Thanks for the friendly service when placing my order also and the super quick delivery. Blue Rooster is a class act!!

Laura P
Starke, Florida -Pine Style

Just wanted you to know that we purchased a Chiminea last week (Sept 29th). We are very satisfied with the purchase. We ordered the Venetian Style and love it!! It is starting to get chilly in the evenings and the fire is great! Very relaxing. We recommend it to all of our friends. Some people think that $429 is too much for the Chiminea but we are satisfied with it. We plan on using it a whole lot in the up coming months.

Very Happy Customers!!

Mike S
Piedmont, Missouri -Venetian Style

Blue Rooster,
I received the chiminea, and its beautiful. Maybe to
pretty to put outside. I really like it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Ruth E
Roby, Missouri -Grape Style

Just put the first fire in our new chiminea and it works great! We are looking forward to using it as often as possible here in the mountains of North Carolina.

Thank you!

Stephen B
Todd, North Carolina -Pine Style

I just wanted to thank you for your great service and wonderful product. I live in South Florida and although it may sound like an unlikely place to have a chiminea, we do on occaision get chilly nights. I have been really enjoying it. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your products to anyone.

Thanks again.

Adriana N
Coral Springs, Florida -Orchid Style

The cover arrived today in temperatures bordering on summer! Hmm I guess we could use it to shield our chiminea from the sun! I don't think I ever mentioned how happy my wife was with her chiminea gift. It looks great out on our patio. Seems a pity to cover it up with a cover!

Warm regards

Colin B
Trumbull, Connecticut -Orchid Style w/cover

I would like to take a minute to tell you that you are a great company to deal with. From the suggestion of the Venetian to the quick shipment. ... we will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends. (All of which have chiminea's and argue over who has the best!) I wanted to send Kudos to your company for their effort in the recent purchase of our Venetian chiminea. We received it on Monday and had our first party with it that night.(It cooks clams really well). Based on our experience with you, we will be submitting an order soon for my in-laws.


Cheryl D
Shelton, Connecticut -Venetian Style

We bought the chiminea in September 2004. We have e-mailed you a couple of times about it and you kept telling us to send a picture. We finally just got the picture of it. Thank you so much for your help. We do appreciate The Blue Rooster and have referred you to all of our friends. We have even ordered a second one for a friend and would do it again if someone wants one.
Again, thanks. You seem to be going all out for satisfied customers.

Jeannie W
Phoenix, Arizona -Grape Style

We got our chiminea yesterday and had our first fire last night. I can tell you that we could not be more pleased. We are already looking for a pizza stone.
Thanks for everything.

Bill B
Silver City, New Mexico -Butterfly Style

We received the hose and connection this weekend and it works perfectly. Thanks again for your fast response and help!

Mark and Holly T
El Segundo, California -Orchid Style

I received the fantastic looking out door fireplace and I am extremely happy with it. Assembly was easy and I was very pleased with its' construction. It feels durable. Great price too.


Tony M
Richton Park, Illinois -Grape Style

Received the chimenea yesterday. I used it the first time tonight, and I loved it. It is much better than the clay one I had.


Brian B -Grape Style

To the folks at The Blue Rooster,
My husband and I are delighted with our cast iron chimenea. It is all we expected it to be from the detailed description on your website. We have used it twice already and look forward to enjoying the use of it for many years. Thank you for being so helpful with the questions we had before we purchased. We had built a brick base for the chimenea to stand on and that has worked out very well. It was a pleasure to do business with your company.

Marie K
Cornville, AZ -Venetian Style

Thank you for all of your help. I am very pleased to hear that you were able to ship the chiminea, and quite impressed for that matter. There are not many companies out there that would have went to such lengths to sell just one item to one customer. I greatly appreciate all of your effort and am sure that my wife will be pleasantly surprised with her gift. Thank you again for all your help and I will be sure to recommend your company to anyone in the market for a chiminea. That is outstanding. You will make my day if you do. I have email connectivity while in Korea, so just let me know what you need if anything and I will get back to you ASAP. Your help is greatly appreciated. You have already gone above and beyond.

Thank You.

Caine Go
Korea -Butterfly Style

Yes, I'm really excited about our new purchase, your 10 tips helped so much, I was actually ready to buy a real piece of junk; we're always using our patio and our chiminea will make it so cozy!

Tina F
Riverview, Florida -Venetian Style

I'm not used to this kind of customer service.Thereís not much I can do to reciprocate other than to mention you and your company to anyone I know looking for a chiminea. Iíll be sure to do that.

Thanks again.

Bill and Carol M
Whitehouse Station, NJ -Orchid Style

I wanted to thank you for the Gatsby. This little chimenea is far superior to my old larger cast iron one. The Gatsby is small but a real firebrand. It puts out more heat with less wood than my old unit. It has several great features including the air vent and the cleaning hatch and the removable bottom that allows easy cleaning. Being light weight, about 50lbs, it can be easily moved around if necessary. I appreciated your fast delivery and the double boxing it came in. Overall, a great little unit.


Martin L,
Houston, Texas -Gatsby Style


Susan B
Williamsburg, Virginia -Orchid Style

I've burned a few fires now in my new Dragonfly Chimenea and I just wanted to let you know how awesome the thing works. Way less cleanup of ashes than I expected too! The thing burns so hot the wood just disapears at the end of the night. Anyway, thanks for an excellent alternative to watching the tube on Friday nights!

Keep up the good work!

Ron W
Irvine, California -Dragonfly Style

Hi~ Have received my unit and wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with it!. You guys should have reps out there on the road sellling these things at Home Expos and the like around the country. I'd have bought one years ago!


Bill G
Gualala, California -Dragonfly Style

Got my Grape on Monday!!! Got home late from work. My 14 year old son began to put it together and we were burning within a 1/2 hour. He did his homework by the stove in the back yard. Looking forward to many back yard nights.

Thanks, I am very, very happy with my "stove".

Rob M
Pennsylvania.-Grape Style

Good Morning, The Venetian Chiminea is a huge hit! It was definately the center piece of an incredible weekend event. Thanks!

Carl Christy
Seattle, Washington -Venetian Style

I would like to thank your for the excellent service that we received and for a wonderful product. My husband ordered the "Rose" Cast Aluminum Chiminea as an anniversary gift. The phone help was great they assisted with product selection and were quite willing to talk. The shipping times were accurate and the chiminea actually arrived earlier than expected. The chiminea is well made and we have used it frequently. It is quite roomy and has plenty of space to build a large fire. The "Rose" design is atractive and we have received many compliments on our new chiminea. I do not usually send thank-you letters to companies, but Blue Rooster is the exception. It is rare nowadays to find this level of service. Thanks again...we are really enjoying our new chiminea.

Glenn & Shannon M
Grosse Point Woods, Michigan -Rose Style

Thank you, thank you, I love my chiminea. It was on time when you said it would arrive.

Thanks again,

Lucille C
Summerland Key, Florida -Garden Style

Thank you for the great product. It arrived on the exact day you said it would and it is beautiful. We have used it several times now and just love it. We are building a cabin next year and will get another one.

Terrific product!

Sara Hillestad
Everett, Washington -Garden Style

Dear Blue Rooster Representative,

Our clay chiminea has become victim to a reckless lawn mower incident. Replacing our chiminea with a more sturdy type seemed easier than replacing our son with a more careful son, so it was of great relief that we found your product on the web. Not only was I impressed with your product, I was impressed with the valuable information that you provided about your product. I was considering buying a colored chiminea until I read in your faqs that if you burn wood (which is my intention) the chiminea is likely to turn black and therefore the customer may be better off starting with a black one. Though it may cost you in the way of future maintenance product sales it would seem that you hold the customerís best interest as a better value. It is this kind forthcoming and honest information that builds trust and loyal customers who are likely to give reviews and recommendations that will help your bottom line in the long run. Kudos to you.

Thank you,

Jack R
Chillicothe, Ohio - Dragonfly Style

Dear Blue Rooster, I just wanted to let you know I recieved my Gatsby Chiminea today. Wow! I love it and I was very impressed with the speedy shipping and the way it was packaged. It was packaged in two boxes with shipping foam and bubble wrap and even plywood in bottom of carton. You do a wonderful job shipping these beautiful pieces!

Thank You, : )

Billie Jo R
McCook, Nebraska -Gatsby Style

Dear Sirs:

We just received our dragonfly chiminea and wanted to let you know how much we love it. It looks wonderful on our back deck.
Thank you so much for your excellent service with our order.

Joe and Debb C
Vernal, Utah -Dragonfly Style

I am very impressed with the quality of my cast aluminum Chiminea. I received it earlier this month and am very pleased. I'm glad I checked the internet and did not buy it at a local "you know who mart".

John M
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania -Butterfly Style

Our chiminea arrived safely and we LOVE IT! Great job on the packaging! Thanks.

Lynn S
Endicott, New York -Venetian Style