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Chimania Outdoor Fireplaces

The Blue Rooster Company Chimenea "A Better Outdoor Fireplace"

Original heavy duty Chimenea outdoor fireplace designs of solid cast construction that are built to last.

For reference, "Chiminea" is an american word derived from the spanish word "chimenea" meaning fireplace. "Chimenea" refers to a single opening moveable outdoor fireplace design with a stack or chimney to draft air into a fire and smoke to be drawn out the top of the stack.

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Our Chimania products may be duplicated, but our quality and service can't. If you see our chimenea designs elswhere they are not Blue Rooster™ Originals unless stated. When you call us, you can talk to someone that knows our products and can answer your questions.
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Your Chimania buying guide

#1 All Chimania are not the same.

Before purchasing a Chimania, there are many factors to consider. Keep in mind that you are buying a "outdoor fire place" and the safety for your family, your property, and possibly your neighbors will depend on it.

#2 Your Chimania size and style does matter.

When comparing Chimanias and other outdoor fireplaces, look closely at the fire area size before height.

#3 Your Chimania Maintenence needs to be considered.

Chain store and mass marketed chimeneas are made out of copper, sheet steel, or clay, don't provide the safety or longevity of cast iron or cast aluminum.

# 4 Compare the weight of an Chimania to others of the same material.

To compare Chimanias and other outdoor fireplaces be sure to check the weight. Many outdoor fireplaces are manufactured by weight, so you should buy by weight.

#5 The benefits of a Cast Aluminum Chimania.

Cast aluminum is the best product for the typical Chimania purchaser. Compared to a cast iron chimenea, a cast aluminum Chimania will not rust, is very low maintenence, can be easily moved during a wind change or patio re-arrangement. A cast aluminum chimenea will not stain your deck or patio.

#6 Clay Chimania saftey concerns.

There are websites that claim there is increased danger in using a metal Chimenea versus a clay Chimenea. From our experience you can get burned by a hot clay Chimania just as fast as a hot metal Chimenea.

#7 360° Surround View Outdoor Fireplaces and Raised Firepits.

Surround 360° view fireplaces and firepits are not Chimeneas. Most surroundview outdoor fireplaces are built of very light materials that if tipped over will send fire, embers and ash everywhere. For safety reasons traditional Chimeneas are built with only one opening.

#8 Your Chimania and what to burn in it

Hard woods are the primary fuel for Chimania enthusiests. Other sources are manufactured firelogs, propane, natural gas and gel inserts. Pinon wood, pronounced "pin-yon", is commonly recommended by Chimania owners for it's pleasant "pine aroma". It also helps to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects. In the Southwest, piñon is a common fireplace and stove wood. It keeps an active flame, produces good heat, and burns well with other woods.

#9 Safety First

When using any outdoor fireplace make sure safety is your #1 priority. Have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water or other water source available.

#10 Enjoy

A Chimania will enhance your life. At the end of the day a nice toasty fire and a good glass of wine will do wonders for your state of mind.

If you would like to find out more about Chimanias, please see the frequently asked questions page or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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